EUROBIRD™ 9A at 9° East

EUROBIRD™ 9A has been deployed to 9 degrees East. Formerly HOT BIRD™ 7A, the rebranded satellite is joining Eutelsat's newest video neighbourhood, almost doubling the number of operational transponders. Adjacent to Eutelsat’s premium HOT BIRD™ position, reception of channels from both locations is possible with off-the-shelf dual-feed domestic dishes.

Optimised for DTH (Direct-to-Home) broadcasting, EUROBIRD™ 9A delivers 38 fully operational Ku-band transponders supplying coverage across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

  1. New video broadcasting location adjacent to the premium HOT BIRD™ position at 13 degrees East

  2. Capacity at particularly attractive rates
  3. Coverage over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

  4. Viewers receiving HOT BIRD™ can install ClipSat (extension bracket) for dual reception without changing antenna configuration


Find out what television and radio channels are available on the EUROBIRD 9A™ at 9° East satellite.

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