Monoblock Solution

> Combined reception of HOT BIRD at 13° East / EUROBIRD 9A at 9° East

> Integrated solution including two LNBs and a switch

> Monoblock solutions for: 

> One-user applications (single output)

> Multi-user applications (multi-outputs)


Dual-feed reception with a monoblock LNB: Two LNBs in one

> Simultaneous reception of two satellites with a maximum distance of 6°+ (e.g. HOT BIRD and EUROBIRD 9A) with a single dish

> Fixed spacing between the two built-in LNBs

> 80cm antenna dish

> New monoblock compatible bracket

> Easy to install: one LNB needs to be lined up on the main satellite, the other LNB is automatically configured

> Integrated DiSEqC switch                  


Monoblock: for consumers not already receiving either HOT BIRD at 13° East or EUROBIRD 9A at 9° East

Monoblock LNB Equipment:

monoblock equipment